How do I reserve a bocce or shuffleboard lane?

Click here: RESERVE A LANEYou can book your court time online for $40/hour (tax included). This is a pretty cool option if you don't want to wait for a walk-in lane (more information below). You're able to reserve on any night from 5pm until 11pm, just make sure you submit the number of people that will be attending with you. If you reserve a lane on a Friday or Saturday night, expect us to follow up with you via email a couple days beforehand to confirm the size of your group. Oh, and bring a credit card to hand to the bar upon arrival - the cost of your booking will be added to your bar tab. We allow a maximum of two hours of court time per group on the weekends.

I've made a LANE reservation - what else should I know?

All your guests must arrive on time for your reservation (although not necessarily all together - we know it's hard to travel in a pack) to guarantee entry and line bypass. There's a 10-minute grace period in case you're running late (we all run late sometimes, and that's okay). Remember that by making a reservation, you do not have a guest list for the entire night - for example, if your reservation is for 10pm and 5 of your friends show up at 11pm, we cannot guarantee them entry. Come on time, folks! We don't want to turn anyone away.

Can I reserve a table for my group?

We don't reserve tables, but there is ample standing/sitting room near the courts for spectators. We have 5000sqft of total space - to see some photos, click here. The earlier you arrive, the better chance you'll have at snagging a prime spot for your group. On the weekends, we tend to start filling up around 9:30/10. 

I'm bringing a group of 20-30 people - how long should I reserve the courts for?

For a group of this size, we'd recommend an hour of bocce and an hour of shuffleboard. For bigger groups, please email Tasha at - let's chat about it! Please note we reserve a maximum of two hours total court time per group on Fridays and Saturdays.

can i submit a guest list at Track & Field?

Unfortunately, no. The only way to guarantee entry is to reserve a court online, submit how many guests you'll be expecting, and arrive on time with your full group. If you don't have a reservation and are visiting us on the weekend, we strongly recommend arriving around 10pm to avoid a lineup. 

Does Track & Field serve food?

We've got lil' chips on our menu, but keep in mind that these are snacks and won't substitute for a full meal. We do, however, encourage anyone and everyone to bring their own food! You can deliver a pizza right to our door. If you do bring food, however, you must avoid nuts (one of our bartenders has a serious allergy), and make sure you bring all your own cutlery, plates, yadda yadda yadda. 


Yes, bring a cake! That sounds lovely, and you sound like a good friend. Two things, though: we do not allow ice cream cake. Nothing against ice cream cake - it's obviously a tasty delight - but it's sticky and it makes a big mess and we don't have a freezer to store it for you. So leave your ice cream cakes at home, guys. Second thing: make sure you bring your own cutlery, plates (if necessary), napkins, etc. There is definitely no fee, but come prepared with everything you need for optimal cake enjoyment.

Can I play the games for free? can i just walk in and play, without reserving in advance?

Yes! We freaking love walk-ins. We have one bocce court and one shuffleboard court available for walk-ins only, free of charge - all night, every night. All four courts are available for walk-ins only from 11pm until close. These lanes are always first come first serve, so come early to put your name on the list. Oh, and crokinole is always free!

How do I sign up for the walk-in courts?

On Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, we have a Games Host near the entrance who will sign you up for a 20-minute time slot. Our host will let you know what time you're scheduled to play. On a weeknight, it's loosely organized - we ask that everyone play one game to 7 and then give up the court to the next group in line. If no one is waiting to play, you can play as long as you'd like.

How many people can play bocce, shuffleboard, and crokinole at a time?

Two or four people can play each game at a time. 

How long do the games last?

This varies, but games generally last about 10 minutes. We recommend playing bocce ball to 5 or 7, shuffleboard to 30, and crokinole to 100. 

I'd like to book a private EVENT (corporate party, Christmas party, summer party) - who should I contact?

Please send an email to our Director of Events, Tasha Potter, at She'd be happy to help you!

how big is track & field?

Track & Field is just under 5000sqft -lots and lots of room for all your friends! 

is there a dress code at track & Field? IS THERE COVER?

Nope! No dress code, no cover. Well, except Halloween & NYE. 

how busy does track & field tend to get on the weekend?

We tend to hit capacity at around 10/10:30pm. on Friday and Saturday nights - come early to avoid a lineup.

is track & field a 19+ venue?

Very much so, yes. No exceptions.

How do you play bocce ball, shuffleboard, and crokinole?

Because our courts are not regulation size (we wish they were, but we just don't have the space), we suggest reading over our 'House Rules' below. If you show up and want to play but have no idea how, no worries - a bartender will show you the ropes.




Refill drink and hold in non-throwing hand.

Form 2 teams of 2 or 4 players.

One team tosses the small white ball - 'the pallino' - down the court. The same player tosses the first bocce ball.

Teams alternate tossing bocce balls, trying to get closest to the pallino or knock the opponents' balls away.

The closest team scores points for each ball closer than the opposing team's balls.

The first team to reach 7 points wins!



Refill drink and form 2 teams of 2 or 4 players.

Players use the cues to slide discs alternately starting with yellow.

Players aim to push their own discs into the scoring area, or knock opponents' discs out of play (or into the 10-OFF area).

Any disc that lands before the scoring triangle (neutral zone) is immediately removed from play.

After all 8 discs have been played, discs in each scoring section of the triangle are added up to make a score. A scoring disc must NOT touch any lines within the scoring triangle.

Each disc in the 10-OFF zone is -10 points (yes, you can get a negative score in shuffleboard!)

The first team to reach 30 points wins!



Refill drink and form 2 teams of 2 or 4 players.

Each team will have equal discs of different colours.

To shoot, place the disc on the board at the 'starting line'. Each player will shoot discs only from within their particular quadrant of the board.

The first player will try to shoot their disc into the centre '20' hole. If it successfully lands in the hole, the disc is removed and set aside to count as 20 points at the end of the round.

If it does not land in the '20' hole, the next player must shoot at that opposing disc in an effort to knock it into the ditch. If a player does not hit the opposing player's disc, their disc is immediately removed and placed in the 'ditch'. 

Players alternate shooting their discs until all discs have been played.

When all discs have been played, each disc in a scoring area is added up (any disc touching the lines separating each scoring area is counted at the lesser value). 

The difference of the count between players or teams is the score for that round. The first team to reach 100 points wins!